Rise and fall of the rate of car accident

24. října 2011 v 4:26
The graph shows the changing rate of car accidents in Walton city in 1990. The first two months of 1990 showed an increasing trend. The rate rose to 32 in March but fell to 26 in June. From June on the rate was rising again and reached the peak point 39 in August. After August the rate began to decline, and eventually dropped to the lowest point 16 at the end of the year.
  The highest rate in August was due to unfavorable weather conditions. Humidity and high temperature make drivers impatient, which easily leads to car accidents. The high rate in the first half of 1990 was also caused by the bad weather condition. In Walton City the excessive rain comes at early spring. The rain made road slippery, which often resulted in car accidents.
  This year the pattern is expected to change. The city government has raised fund to improve the road condition. Two new roads will be finished at the beginning of this year and are expected to open to traffic soon. Furthermore, the new road regulation provides that in summer every car must be air-conditioned. With all these precautions, I'm sure that the rate of car accidents will be much lower this year.
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