Players look forward to the next generation of online games

20. října 2011 v 3:40 | Apeppe
Korean online games list MMORPG category currently ranked in the "Aion", "World of Warcraft", " TERA "fantasy theme games, led by the European position of absolute dominance. However, look at the players look forward to the next generation of online games, " sword of the Spirit "," Heaven 2 "," Yulgang 2 "are the martial arts online, martial arts next year have been identified in the basic trend, momentum, or martial arts online game next year. beyond the European fantasy MMORPG.

Since 2000, South Korean online games entered the blowout stage, but his masterpiece, "Paradise" and "Aion" and so are European-style fantasy MMORPG. In 2004, Mgame Q introduced martial arts version of the game "Yulgang" martial arts style to new players themselves, then although there are a lot of the "Three Kingdoms" is the theme of online games on the line, but the martial arts online game culture has always lagged behind European fantasy games.

However, this situation will have a greater change in the second half, the "sword of the Spirit", "Heaven 2", "Yulgang 2"-based group of martial arts are looking for online games, online games shouted to South Korea enjoyable.
"Yulgang 2" martial arts online game from the first to shake look for the banner, then "sword of the Spirit," the emergence of martial arts online degree expectations peaked.

Industry experts said that in Europe today, the endless fantasy games, martial arts online world view and close to the people of Eastern martial arts players recognized the plot, described as "wife finally boiled po" martial arts online game next year will be expected to overwhelm European online games momentum, the master of the market.

Oriental martial arts online, but the limitations of the plot and props scalability, but also to the game makers have concerns, one vendor said, the monotony of martial arts fighting online games has become the Achilles heel of these online games and hope in the battle mode in , martial arts online as soon as possible to achieve a breakthrough and become the market leader.

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