Many players puzzled for cancellation key chain

19. října 2011 v 3:32 | wow gold
Many players puzzled for cancellation key chain, it was regarded as a good set for nearly 2 years after the abrupt cancellation, why? here is the reason.

Since World of Warcraft 1.11 patch added the key chain in the world , the entire game has undergone a considerable evolution. Had added this feature was originally for the convenience of players, with additional space is automatically saved dungeon keys, task keys, and other types of keys. At that time the largest bag has only a few 18 cells (also known as "bottomless bag"!), Key chains to help the player to save the precious bag space. But the game is bound to change, as time goes by, more and more large backpack, and game design for the collection and had also had very different. In today's Azeroth, key chains no longer have any meaning, we will take the extra storage space on the server and the player's visual on-screen interface space. For this reason, we decided to cancel the key chain, the use of those spaces up to more new features.

This change will also help us to re-plan your storage space by default. So this for you, for those old keys for the light of several of the old piece of information,what is wrong with that?

We will be in the "flame of anger" in the introduction of a new system to minimize the inconvenience for loss of your key chain. Some of the keys to the game is no longer useful, they will be automatically deleted, as compensation, you will get with their selling price of a considerable store of gold. Your hands may be the key to several overdue tasks, or some great disaster in the task has been deleted key, such keys are no longer useful, but also because it is the task items, they did not sell the store price, so they will be directly deleted. All the rest of the keys will be transferred to your common items column. If your item does not fit these columns, then when the "flame of anger" on the line, they will be put into an additional storage system, the key will keep the extra storage to your next off-line, or switch to a new area (ie, move to another piece of the mainland, into a dungeon or the battlefield, and so on).

We will continue to develop new ways to help players manage a variety of items in the backpack. Also hoping to reduce the inconvenience for the player of removing the key chain to a minimum.

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