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Love really is down to a chemical addiction between people

27. října 2011 v 7:12
Scientists are finding that, after all, love really is down to a chemical addiction between people
Over the course of history it has been artists, poets and playwrights who have made the greatest progress in humanity's understanding of love. Romance has seemed as inexplicable as the beauty of a rainbow. But these days scientists are challenging that notion, and they have rather a lot to say about how and why people love each other.
Is this useful? The scientists think so. For a start, understanding the neurochemical pathways that regulate social attachments may help to deal with defects in people's ability to form relationships. All relationships, whether they are those of parents with their children, spouses with their partners, or workers with their colleagues, rely on an ability to create and maintain social ties. Defects can be disabling, and become apparent as disorders such as autism and schizophrenia-and, indeed, as the serious depression that can result from rejection in love. Research is also shedding light on some of the more extreme forms of sexual behaviour. And, controversially, some utopian fringe groups see such work as the doorway to a future where love is guaranteed because it will be provided chemically, or even genetically engineered from conception.
The scientific tale of love begins innocently enough, with voles. The prairie vole is a sociable creature, one of the only 3% of mammal species that appear to form monogamous relationships. Mating between prairie voles is a tremendous 24-hour effort. After this, they bond for life. They prefer to spend time with each other, groom each other for hours on end and nest together. They avoid meeting other potential mates. The male becomes an aggressive guard of the female. And when their pups are born, they become affectionate and attentive parents. However, another vole, a close relative called the montane vole, has no interest in partnership beyond one-night-stand sex. What is intriguing is that these vast differences in behaviour are the result of a mere handful of genes. The two vole species are more than 99% alike, genetically.
Why do voles fall in love?
The details of what is going on-the vole story, as it were-is a fascinating one. When prairie voles have sex, two hormones called oxytocin and vasopressin are released. If the release of these hormones is blocked, prairie-voles' sex becomes a fleeting affair, like that normally enjoyed by their rakish montane cousins. Conversely, if prairie voles are given an injection of the hormones, but prevented from having sex, they will still form a preference for their chosen partner. In other words, researchers can make prairie voles fall in love-or whatever the vole equivalent of this is-with an injection.

The United Nations says ongoing floods in Southeast Asia are triggering a humanitarian crisis

26. října 2011 v 4:13 | Qfxsd
The United Nations says ongoing floods in Southeast Asia are triggering a humanitarian crisis.

Floods and disasters in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines have killed more than 700 people and affected eight million others.The Thai capital remains under threat of flood waters that have already inundated factories considered to be a key part of the country's economic engine.

Noeleen Heyzer, executive secretary for the U.N.'s Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) said Tuesday the U.N. is ready to support communities hit by the catastrophic floods. But Jerry Velasquez, a senior regional coordinator with the U.N.'s International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) said that over the long term, countries such as Thailand need a more comprehensive framework to manage disasters, especially floods.

"The main shortcoming right now is that there are about eight institutions centrally that deal with water in Thailand," said Velasquez. "That this is an issue not just for Thailand but most of the countries affected by floods now in the region; there's no comprehensive framework to deal with water and I think this the main issue."

For Bangkok, a critical 48-hour window

Senior city officials in Bangkok say the next 48 hours are critical for the city, where thousands of volunteers, soldiers and government workers are scrambling to shore up flood defenses.

The death toll in Thailand has reached 315 with flood waters affecting 27 provinces. Weather forecasts indicate more monsoon rains are expected in the coming days.

Economist Somphob Manarungsan says the floods could lead to a sharp fall in Thailand's economic growth rate over the last quarter, with the economic toll rising to as much as $6 billion.

"Maybe up to two per cent of GDP [gross domestic product] - that is a tentative figure but I think it is maybe a bit higher than that - which means it may cost 200 billion baht," he said. "But we still don't know exactly about this because we can still see the flood still going on."

Key areas of Thailand's industrial heartland, including six major industrial estates and parks, have been hit by flood waters despite desperate efforts to hold back the flood tide.

The industries produce major export items such as automobiles, computer hardware, other industrial goods and food processing. They employ up to 500,000 highly-skilled workers.

Is the worse yet to come?

UNISDR's Velasquez says U.N. disaster analysis raises fears the current flooding in Thailand may be a prelude to even worse flood catastrophes in the future.

"The question in our minds is that we've predicted the most catastrophic floods [as a once-in-200-years] event - [and] the catastrophic one is this already," he said, explaining that relief agencies classify the magnitude of natural disasters by the statistical probability that they would occur in a given time frame. "So is this the most catastrophic or are we going to see far worse in the future? And, for me personally, I think the worst is yet to come."

In neighboring Cambodia, nearly 80,000 families in Prey Veng province alone are reported to be facing food shortages for the next year due to flood-related crop losses.

The flooding there is seen as the worst in over a decade, though the reports say the Cambodian government has yet to declare a national emergency.

The U.N. says the floods and disasters across the region pose a threat to the countries' achieving their key development goals by 2015.

Rise and fall of the rate of car accident

24. října 2011 v 4:26
The graph shows the changing rate of car accidents in Walton city in 1990. The first two months of 1990 showed an increasing trend. The rate rose to 32 in March but fell to 26 in June. From June on the rate was rising again and reached the peak point 39 in August. After August the rate began to decline, and eventually dropped to the lowest point 16 at the end of the year.
  The highest rate in August was due to unfavorable weather conditions. Humidity and high temperature make drivers impatient, which easily leads to car accidents. The high rate in the first half of 1990 was also caused by the bad weather condition. In Walton City the excessive rain comes at early spring. The rain made road slippery, which often resulted in car accidents.
  This year the pattern is expected to change. The city government has raised fund to improve the road condition. Two new roads will be finished at the beginning of this year and are expected to open to traffic soon. Furthermore, the new road regulation provides that in summer every car must be air-conditioned. With all these precautions, I'm sure that the rate of car accidents will be much lower this year.
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Players look forward to the next generation of online games

20. října 2011 v 3:40 | Apeppe
Korean online games list MMORPG category currently ranked in the "Aion", "World of Warcraft", " TERA "fantasy theme games, led by the European position of absolute dominance. However, look at the players look forward to the next generation of online games, " sword of the Spirit "," Heaven 2 "," Yulgang 2 "are the martial arts online, martial arts next year have been identified in the basic trend, momentum, or martial arts online game next year. beyond the European fantasy MMORPG.

Since 2000, South Korean online games entered the blowout stage, but his masterpiece, "Paradise" and "Aion" and so are European-style fantasy MMORPG. In 2004, Mgame Q introduced martial arts version of the game "Yulgang" martial arts style to new players themselves, then although there are a lot of the "Three Kingdoms" is the theme of online games on the line, but the martial arts online game culture has always lagged behind European fantasy games.

However, this situation will have a greater change in the second half, the "sword of the Spirit", "Heaven 2", "Yulgang 2"-based group of martial arts are looking for online games, online games shouted to South Korea enjoyable.
"Yulgang 2" martial arts online game from the first to shake look for the banner, then "sword of the Spirit," the emergence of martial arts online degree expectations peaked.

Industry experts said that in Europe today, the endless fantasy games, martial arts online world view and close to the people of Eastern martial arts players recognized the plot, described as "wife finally boiled po" martial arts online game next year will be expected to overwhelm European online games momentum, the master of the market.

Oriental martial arts online, but the limitations of the plot and props scalability, but also to the game makers have concerns, one vendor said, the monotony of martial arts fighting online games has become the Achilles heel of these online games and hope in the battle mode in , martial arts online as soon as possible to achieve a breakthrough and become the market leader.

Many players puzzled for cancellation key chain

19. října 2011 v 3:32 | wow gold
Many players puzzled for cancellation key chain, it was regarded as a good set for nearly 2 years after the abrupt cancellation, why? here is the reason.

Since World of Warcraft 1.11 patch added the key chain in the world , the entire game has undergone a considerable evolution. Had added this feature was originally for the convenience of players, with additional space is automatically saved dungeon keys, task keys, and other types of keys. At that time the largest bag has only a few 18 cells (also known as "bottomless bag"!), Key chains to help the player to save the precious bag space. But the game is bound to change, as time goes by, more and more large backpack, and game design for the collection and had also had very different. In today's Azeroth, key chains no longer have any meaning, we will take the extra storage space on the server and the player's visual on-screen interface space. For this reason, we decided to cancel the key chain, the use of those spaces up to more new features.

This change will also help us to re-plan your storage space by default. So this for you, for those old keys for the light of several of the old piece of information,what is wrong with that?

We will be in the "flame of anger" in the introduction of a new system to minimize the inconvenience for loss of your key chain. Some of the keys to the game is no longer useful, they will be automatically deleted, as compensation, you will get with their selling price of a considerable store of gold. Your hands may be the key to several overdue tasks, or some great disaster in the task has been deleted key, such keys are no longer useful, but also because it is the task items, they did not sell the store price, so they will be directly deleted. All the rest of the keys will be transferred to your common items column. If your item does not fit these columns, then when the "flame of anger" on the line, they will be put into an additional storage system, the key will keep the extra storage to your next off-line, or switch to a new area (ie, move to another piece of the mainland, into a dungeon or the battlefield, and so on).

We will continue to develop new ways to help players manage a variety of items in the backpack. Also hoping to reduce the inconvenience for the player of removing the key chain to a minimum.